The problems of unemployment of youth in Nigeria are increasing in an unprecedented rate. Unemployment is a situation whereby able bodied men who are willing to work could not get suitable job to do. The problems of unemployment have been found to be affecting both the skilled and unskilled persons in Nigeria. More especially, as it affect the youths being the core in the nation economic development. However, some school of thought opined that naturally some people are not ready to accept any kind of job offer to them while some held the view that naturally some youths are just being lazy and prefer enjoyment to hard work. In other words, it was up held that 75% of the youths are just been selective in choosing the type of job they want to engage in. The nature of the problem of unemployment has brought about this study as it affects the youths in Ajeromi Ifelodun Local Government Area of Lagos state. In the course of this research, the researcher administered questionnaire which received various responses from the respondents. In their submission as it was analyzed, evidences showed that unemployment arose in Nigeria as a result of poor management of the nation resources. 85% of the respondents agreed that economic policy of the government in Nigeria should be re­structured whereby the system of education in Nigeria shall focus on technological training to enable. To combat unemployment problems, social amenities should be provided in the rural areas so as to reduce rural-urban migration to the barest minimum or optimal level. However, eradication of unemployment problems of youth in Nigeria is seen as the only panacea to solving problems of moral laxity among Nigerian youths that roam about the cities in the country. Political logjerm is also seen as the impediment to unemployment; therefore good governance based on principle of democracy, justice, equality, would further assist in solving unemployment problems of youths in Nigerian with the view to promoting and building up an egalitarian society.




According to Begg (1987:570), unemployment rate is the percentages of labor forces that is without a job but are registered as being willing and available for work. In the same manner, unemployment is also a state whereby a person wants to work but could not get anyone. However, unemployment can be seen as a structural problem where the production capacity of the economy is far below the level of absorbing the available manpower. The term unemployment is multi- versatile in interpretation, hence it can also be viewed to mean those categories of people who are able bodied and often eager to work but to whom no suitable jobs are available. The issue of unemployment is perennial problem and can be seen all over the nation, states and cities. Different people are held up in this hook of unemployment problem, it isa common problem among graduates of tertiary institution and secondary school leavers. It also embraces skilled and unskilled personnel ranging from science, engineering, medical graduates and others.

The peculiarity of  the high rate of unemployment in our society has brought about the need to study how the problems of unemployment affect the youths in Agbado Oke Odo local government area of Lagos state and strive to find out possible solution to this enormous and lingering problems that threatens the core of out life stream. This is because unemployment affects economics growth, social and political stability of a Nation. Besides, unemployment is viewed by some school of thought as a stepping stones to a better job.

From the foregoing, it has therefore becomes imperative to embark on this research hence it has been noticed that without checking the problems of unemployment, you would loitering about in Nigeria society thereby engaging themselves in numerous evil activities or constituting social menace in the society. Economists have addressed the issue of unemployment, types and effects and profer solution with the view to improving on the level of development of nations in the world.

In Nigeria today, problems of unemployment of youths is paramount due to a lot of economic measure or policy being put in the federal Government of Nigeria. Such policies are embargo on employment, devaluation of currency, establishment of foreign exchange market which is seen not to be implemented appropriately by the relevant agencies. The problem of unemployment of youths is at alarming rate due to social and political instability in Nigeria. It has been noted that youths are the future leaders of the nation and they constitute the major key factors of production in the country. Consequently, for any production process to be ascertained and actualized, labor must be fully utilized. The absence of labor automatically renders land and capital our life stream.


The problem of unemployment of youths has consequently led to the followings within the Nigeria society.

1.  Youths are seen parading the streets as a result of being unemployed which is detrimental to the economy of Nigeria.

2.  The high rate of unemployed youths constitute into wastage of human resources and man – power which in turn lead to lower productivity of the economy.

3.  As a result of high rate of youths, it has consequently led to high degree of moral laxity and social evil acts associated with Unemployment and this misbehavior has lead to the discouragement of the investors to boost the economy positively.

4.  The high rate of unemployment in then country has let to many of our potential labors to run away to other countries in search for a job hence, contributing to the foreign land income at the detriment of ours.

5.  Many of our youths have turned to be hoodlums and constituting nuisance to the society by collecting money from the commercial vehicle drivers as a result of unemployment in the country.


1.  This research to identify the problems of unemployment youths and proffer necessary solution to conquer it.

2.  It will also focus on the economic effects of unemployment of youths in Agbado Oke-Odo local government area of Lagos state.

3.  The study will provide relevant information, data and materials for policy formulation and for policy makers.

4.  In addition, the study also aimed at making the youths realize the fact that they have to be resourceful. i.e. To think about what they can do for themselves and not what the nation can always do for them.

5.  The study is hope to encourage the youths to strive to be self employed so as to improve the nation’s economy.

6.  It will also examine the various government policies in reducing the rate of unemployment especially for the youths.


·  Could the recent problems of unemployment of youths in Nigeria be attributed to problems of political instability?

·  Is the problem of unemployment of youths in Nigeria common among the universities and the unskilled youths in Nigeria?

·  Does the problem of unemployment of youths affect both the skilled and unskilled youths in Nigeria?

·  Can we attribute the problem of the youth’s unemployment to the inefficiency utilization of our scarce resources in Nigeria?


Ho: The problem of unemployment can be attributed to political instability.

Ha: The problem can not be attributed to the political instability.

Ho: The problem is not common among the university graduates in Nigeria.

Ha: The problem is common among the university graduates in Nigeria.

Ho: The problem does not affect both the skilled and unskilled youths.

Ha: The problem affect both the skilled and unskilled youths.

Ho: The problem of unemployment can not be attributed to the inefficient utilization of the limited resources.

Ha: The problems can be attributed to! the inefficient utilization of the limited resources.


The findings recommendation of this study is hoped to be of tremendous to both the government, the policy maker, industrialist as well as youth. It is hoped that this study will provide relevant information on how the problems of unemployment of youth could be minimized or better still eradicate which will subsequently promote the enable environment completely free from evil activities.


The method that will be applied to gather the necessary and accurate information including the source of data collection could be narrated below:

Primary data source which is the system of getting the information or data needed from raw source. i.e. from the original occurrence. E.g. Questionnaire, Interviews, Self-participation, etc

Secondary data source which entails a process of sourcing for data at libraries, secretariats, banks, etc

Data would also be collected from the News papers, libraries, Magazines, Handbills, Journals, Questionnaires and any other general media means.


The scope of the study is only limited to Nigeria situation and the major focus of the study is Ajeroi lfelodun local government area of Lagos. The study is limited to this area because of the large population of resident in this area. Also, due to time and financial constraints, the research will be limited to the above identified area. However, any other situation existing is not what the researcher is concerned about. The information and conclusion on derived from the scope or this area can be used as a basis of the economic effects of youth’s unemployment in the country.


Chapter one of this project discussed about the introduction of the proposal, statement. of the problems, objective of study, research questions and hypothesis, significance of the study, methodology and source of data and the limitation of the study. Chapter two entails the literature review, the methodology will be narrated in the: chapter three, the discussion and findings will be explain in chapter four while the summare, conclusion and recommendation will be for chapter five.