This research was to determine the effect of time management with a view of highlight its benefits as they act the efficiency of the secretary. Time was described as a natural element, a period when activities takes place, while time management  was essentials materials in order of the importance and productivity  as possible some of the literature reviewed on time and time management are first things first (Stephen R. Cover) procrastination Monter (Rayeen Devadasor) Time (David Allen) with the aid of the questionnaire designed, it was discovered that all the benefits that accrues to the secretary as a result for time management, is also applicable to other staff in organizational the major one which was discovered to be efficiency; it was however concluded among others that towards achieving maximum productivity, efforts should be made to given an in-depth orientation to staff on how to manage time. Ways through which the study can be implemented in institutions is by including and integrating the study of time management in the curriculum because it will help in imbibing the culture of managing time.



1.1     Background of the Study

Time can be described as a natural element a period during which activities take place. It is aloe an embodiment of destining unfolding in stage. Time is unending and unavoidable. The most neglected and most regretted. Time cannot be controlled or handled with levity but can be properly managed to fit any activity. Many have redesigned time to suit their poor attitude to it. They see time as a resource that can be made up. This is absolutely wrong as time and tide waits for no one and any part of it wasted can never be replaced or brought back. Time is measured in seconds, minute, hour play, week, year, century, decade, etc. the effectives sum of time as what is referred to as “Time management” and it entails management skills.

Time management means an intelligent identification of essential matters in the order of their importance and utilizing effectively very moment available as mean fully and productivity as possible. It also refers to the discipline to adhere to a predetermined time already schedules. Managing time is not the same as spending hours on an assignment; it is simply about determining priorities and the use of managerial techniques to reach set goals effectively. As there is often a general problem. Arising from time management  in our daily activities, corporate world and other business ventures, techniques of time management, constrains and the enormous benefits derivable with particularly references to these secretary’s efficiently in an organization structure.

1.2   Statement of the Problem

It is observed that lack of adequate attention to time and its importance has been responsible for the low productivity in some organization. Essentially as profit  is measured against time, management, it leads to discomfort, in forms such as headache, stomachaches, cramps loss of sleep, difficulty in concentrating etc. a person under stress had the tendency to go off work for a while during that period, time which would have been used constructively is being wasted. It is also noted that secretaries encounter problems like unpredictable daily routine which arises when a secretary, for one reason or the order takes on the  responsibility originally belonging to another person. The work of the secretary in question suffers a temporary set-back in time and also affect time management.

1.3    Purpose of the study

This project is highly significance and relevant in the sense that the needs for time management In every business activity are now being appreciated and as the dividend realized by those who head appreciated and practiced it are quite enormous. Introducing time management techniques gradually will help in solving contemporary management problem faced by the secretary.

1.4    Research Questions

The under mentioned points/ question and other are proposed to guide the conduct and analysis of the project work.

1.  What are the factor responsible for time management problems?

2.  What are the consequences of time mangamagent?

3.  How can poor time management be resolved?

4.  What are the benefit accrued to a secretary to time management?

1.5    Scope

This study will be limited to finding in First bank of Nigeria plc and JV moris communication.


The objectives of this study are numerous among which are:

i.  Under-standing the travel meaning of time management with the view of highlighting its  various advantages and constraints.

ii.  Bringing into time light the wise principles and techniques of time management.

iii.  Understanding common time waster e.g. procrastinations telephone and human interruption under objectives and priorities in vision and many more.

iv.  Suggestion ways where by problems that arises form lack of understanding and attention to time can be corrected.

v.  To correct the general myths of time management in the minds of people especially the secretary.

vi.  Creating awareness as to the losses arising from lack of time management.

vii.  Above, all the emphasize the secretaries productivities and efficiency in term of time management.