Life is an adventure; I wonder how many people look at it that way. If you look at the world around, you can see worried faces of people in buses, cars as you go to school or work in the morning. You will probably come to understand   that many of us   look bad. The  reason  is not     far fetched. It is mainly dissatisfaction of one thing or the other which job is the major one. It will not be an over statement to say that the origin of frustration to mankind dates as far back as the biblical injunction of Cain and Abel. Since then cases  of frustration can be heard amidst schools,  families, friends, individuals and moreover in the working environment where the researcher is restricting the research to. Job   frustration   is   like   a   song   on   the   lips   of   every  Nigerian.  For instance, you put up a memorandum, asking for a change in the method of receiving and displaying letters and the next moving, you will find your memorandum in a waste paper basket, unattended to, definitely you will be frustrated.   Also  an   applicant   who  attended  an   interview  waiting  for  an appointment letter only to be informed that federal character commission has disqualified him because of his state of origin. Naturally, he will be disappointed and frustrated at the same time. The researcher takes a critical look at the effect of  frustration on Nigerian secretaries using Nigerian breweries plc Enugu as case study. It is the candid belief of the researcher that for an organization like Nigerian   breweries   to   achieve   her   objectives   effectively   and   efficiently problems of frustration among secretaries in her work should be studied, found and solved amicably. Nigerian   breweries   plc   was   incorporated   in   1964   with   the headquarters of No. 1 Abebe village road, Iguam, Lagos and has five other locations scattered all over country. These include Lagos Brewery, where the   first   bottle   of   star   larger   beer   role   out   in   1949.     Aba   Brewery, commissioned   in   1957,   Kaduna   1963   and   Ibadan   Brewery   in   1982, followed   by   Enugu   Brewery   acquired   in   September   1993   as   the   fifth brewery. The   Enugu   Brewery   was   opened   in   1993   about   the  same   period when the country was passing through a serious political crisis accessioned by the annulment of the presidential election of Abiola Saga.