This study focused on interpersonal/human relations skills secretaries requires for effective job performance in industries. In the course of the study, related literatures were reviewed. A total of 105 copies of questionnaire for both bosses, secretaries and customers was drawn up and administered in selected firms in Enugu Urban and the information gathered were analyzed. It was realized that to be sufficient on-the-job, the secretary must posses or be acquainted with some personal qualities/characteristics that will make her quite unique in the office. The data emphasized that the secretary must posses such technical skills as public relations skills, machine operation skills, shorthand and typewriting skills in order to meet up with the trend of the business world. Moreover, it was found that both the bosses, secretaries and customers perceived the interpersonal/human relations skills as very important. Based on the findings and discussion, recommendations were made.




Human Relations refers to a management tool that is concerned with the integration of people into a work face. It is the study and application of knowledge about human in an industry as it relates to other systems. Human relations come about at the early stages of industrial Revolution on the 18th century when land, labor, capital and entrepreneur were the focus of industries as a means of serving community interest. The objectives and goals of industries/organizations later transformed to relationship and finally to human relations concept.

A group of researches organized by Elthen Mayo (1927 – 1932), established human relations in industries to motivate workers, ensuring cooperation and maximum production for their survival in a dynamic business world, thus escaping the dehydrated or depersonalized atmosphere of the work place or industry. The neoclassic therefore, rate human relations as the fifth important factors of production. The secretary helps in the achievement of the above goal as she is well equipped by her training to carryout functions that ensure harmony amongst people and create good organizational image. Experience shows that some employers who have acquired the necessary technical skills in respective occupational fields have failed in their job because of their poor attitudes and lack of their interpersonal/human relations skills.

Secretaries are therefore, someone who carryout official duties with a good sense of relatively and a realization that things, have order of importance and the skills in discovering what this order is, by keeping abreast with colleagues, the boss and the customers thereby maintaining a cordial relationship amongst members of the organization, enhancing its efficiency and boosting the image of the organizations to the public.

A secretary and indeed every employee should develop human relations skills as it will make for human relations skills as it will make for harmonious existence among the workers of an industry, thereby increasing productivity and makes the secretary to last and progress on the job. Since the human specie inhabited the earth centuries ago, their behavior has been a subject of public discourse and compared to the applied science, the study of human behavior is relatively new.

Industries exist to achieve a set objectives or goals. In accomplishing the broad objectives of the industry, the individuals involved also attained objectives that are of great importance to them. In order to understand people, we need to consider the whole person. The human being is total person influenced by input received from external factors. For example, family, schools, trade associations, political associations etc, the secretary in dealing with people must consider the impacts of these forces on the workforce. It thus, becomes imperative to recognize that individuals are much more than a productive factor, they are citizens members of a social system in any industry and they vitally influence demand and supply.

In recognition of this, it is then believed that there is no average person people are unique in their own ways, they play different roles, they have different needs, different ambitions, attitude, different levels of knowledge and skills and different potentials, it then becomes imperative for the secretary to recognize these unique differences in human behaviors. Hence good human relations/interpersonal skills of secretaries ensure good quality in both human and material resources in industries. Interpersonal skills breed harmonious co-existence which ensures organizational and industries efficiency that leads to organizational success. Society that lack human relations oriented secretaries would find it difficult to attain her desired objectives hence this study.


The secretary can be looked upon as a vital link in an organization, an image makers, more that than that, she is expected to carry out nearly a thousand different activities in assisting the executives (Wikdall 1958). The inability of some secretaries to meet up with these expectations has brought frustration to their bosses. This has equally raised quarrels between the secretary and her boss, other employees, customers and the public of which the reason might be lack of interpersonal/human relation’s skills. This might results from the defectiveness of the academic curriculum and the secretary being the nerve center of the organization requires interpersonal/human relations skills to function effectively. More often than not, these interpersonal/human relations are not found in the secretaries. These among others necessitate the need for this research work.


The main purpose of this research is to find out the interpersonal/human relations skills secretaries required for effective job performance in industries in Enugu urban specially the study will.

1.  Ascertain the interpersonal/human relations skills secretaries require for effective job performance in industries.

2.  Determine the perception of the secretaries, bosses on the interpersonal/human relations skills secretaries require for effective job performance.

3.  Find out the perceptions of the secretaries on the interpersonal/human relations skills secretaries require for effective job performance.

4.  Ascertain the perception of the customers of the industries on the interpersonal/human relation skills secretaries require for effective job performance.


To achieve the above objective, the following research questions will guide the study;

1.  What are the interpersonal/human relations skills secretaries require for effective job performance in industries.

2.  What are the perception of the boss on the interpersonal/human relations skills secretaries require for effective job performance.

3.  What are the secretaries perception on the interpersonal/human relations skill secretaries require for effective job performance.

4.  What interpersonal/human relations skills do customers perceive as important to secretaries for effective job performance.


Secretaries play vital roles as to the promotion of production efficiency and attainment of the organization’ objectives. This research work will then be significant to the management and staff of industries in Enugu urban and also to other organizations in Nigeria. They will be able to harmonize their interpersonal/human relations as this would help to avoid conflict in the organization. Practicing secretaries would as well benefit since they would be acquainted with the interpersonal/human relations skills they require for effective job performance.

Additionally, it will provide guidelines on how to deal with problems arising from secretary-boss relationship. As it will encourage the boss to perceive the secretary in a positive light and evolves policies that could integrate secretaries into management team hence facilitate job satisfactions and improve the performance amongst secretaries. The result of this study would be useful to the secretary, colleagues as it will advise on the ways relationships between these people can be enhanced for achievement of the organizational goals. The customers to the organization would also benefit from the study as they become aware of the significant of good interpersonal/human relations and why secretaries respond the way they do at times.