This project work was prepared and structured, to evaluate the effect of social responsibility on the growth of hospitals. This project is arranged in such as way that one chapter naturally leads to the others. It is organized in five chapters, the chapter one started with the introduction of effect of social responsibility on the growth of hospitals which is narrowed down to the concept of social responsibility by the project work also highlighted on the objective of the study, and the scope of the studies in chapter one. Chapter two deals with the review of the related literature all of which are discussed. In details chapter three deals with research methodology ways or which data are designed, collected and sampled, chapter four deals with data presentation and its analysis and interpretation of result chapter five deals with findings, conclusion and recommendations.




All hospitals whether large or small in their journey towards growth and substance do not operate in isolation, they must interact the concept of social responsibility as a view way of thinking or social expectations suggests that the prime purpose of business is to maximize the satisfaction of the society. This is contrarily to the view of economists and capitalists that the purpose of any business is to maximize profit.

The argument in support of social responsibility based on the fact that a business derives the basis for its existence by satisfying the society. That is, it is one by performing socially desirable responsibility that a business improves its goodwill and level of acceptance in its area of operations. A business firm is therefore expected to show concern to the community in which its operate and from where it draws it input resources, support government development, improve development programmes improve employees welfare and contribute to charitable organization. The concept has indeed modified the view profiteering entity fails to recognize business as an integral part of the society.

As a part of the society, a business owns some sort of community and social obligations subsequently business firms are now increasingly judged by the public not only in terms of their product and profit but also in terms of scope of the participation in wider social process and benefits. This, it has become normally obligatory for the management of any organization to deal with even and circumstances that are external to the firm whole at the same time trying to achieve the firm primary objective due to some positive effects it has towards organizational success.


Despite that social responsibilities has been the only good way through which business organization like hospitals respond to demand of the environment but people still doubt whether it contributes achieving the growth of hospitals, some people thinks that when carried out social responsibility, it affects the workers attitude to work, that make it a problem. Other problems include, lack of motivation, inadequate support of the community in terms of security etc. The argument in support of social responsibility is based on the facts that a business derives the basis for its existences by satisfying the society.

That is to say, any business wishes to improve it goodwill and level of acceptance in its area of operation must do so by performing social desirable responsibility. Business should show concern to the community in which it’s operate and from where its input resources. Support government development improve development programmes, improves employee’s welfare and contribute to charitable organization base on this, the study whether social responsibilities contributes to the growth of hospitals is not yet reveal.


1. How do you respond to external obligation of business firm?

2. How does wrong discharge the social responsibility affect the firm?

3. How can you examine the problem faced by the firm for not meeting up to the obligation of the environment?

4. How do you affect the factor that encourage and discourage s social responsibility?

5. How do you examine the party which business is socially responsible?


The major objectives of this project are as follows:

1. To examine the party which business is socially responsible.

2. To x-ray the important of discharging social responsibilities by firms.

3. To examine the problems faced by firms for not meeting up to their obligations of business firm.

4. To examine the method of responding to external obligations of business firm.

5. To examine the factors that encourages and discourages social responsibilities and business growth.


Social responsibility has been the only good way through which business organizations respond to demand of the environment. Certain group of environment components has been neglect by these enterprises, which do not respond positively to the yearning of their components. This has not brought bad reputations to the enterprise but also low patronage in healthy environment, and inadequate support of the community in terms of security to the firm.

When reverse is the case, when the firm respond to significance of this study is:

1. It will boarding my understanding as a researcher on how business obligations respond to its social obligation to the immediate environment.

2. This study will help to educate business organization on the importance of discharging social responsibility and the benefits that occurs from it.

3. Ii also will team the various parties to which business must be socially obliged.


This project examines how the concept of social responsibilities contributes to business growth in hospital but was confined to chapel group specialist hospital Owerri. It covers the party to which business firms are socially responsible, factors that encourage and discourage social responsibility mentioned is also made of the benefits, derived and how it contributes to cover all organizational growth in the process of executing this project.


However, there are obvious limitations of study encountered by the firms and they are as follows:

1. Lack of information

2. Financial constraints

3. Limited of time to carry out the project execution and to meet up lecture periods.

4. Lack of access to various section or the manufacturing industries hence, limiting this project on social responsibilities and business growth solely to chapel group specialist hospital and maternity.


Environment: This refers to the society, region or locality with which business operates.

Obligation: Promise, duty, conditions that indicates the actions ought to be taken which shows a sense of what is right.

Social Responsibility: An obligation of an organization is to take action that protect and improves the welfare of the society as a whole trying to achieve its objectives.

Hospital: This means any association or group of people or co-operation establishment by law in Nigeria or an institution for the treatment and care of sick or injured people.

Management: This is an organization that control human activities and material resources towards a specific ends or objectives.


This hospital was established by Dr. B.A. Nzerem on the 20th of January 1985 and it was located at Naze Mbari Street, Ikenegbu Owerri. This hospital works 24 hours every day.

The staff size and department of term, this hospital is headed by the medical director / chief executive under him are the following units.

1. The medical doctors

2. The laboratory unit

3. The pharmacy unit

4. The medical record unit

5. The x-ray units

6. The administration units

7. Te cleaner

8. The security

9. The cashier

10. The nursing division

The total number of staff in this hospital is 31m numbers including the medical doctors, three administrative officer, two pharmacist, three in the laboratory units, two in the x-ray unit, one medical doctor, the matron and the assistant, a cleaner, security man, generator operator and 14 nurses.

Mission: The mission of the hospital is to save life.

Motto: The motor of the hospital is patent first