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  1. INTRODUCTION                                                                           

LITERATURE REVIEW                                              1.1              MEANING AND COMPOSITION OF STARCH                 1.2.1           COMPLEX BRANCH CHAIN (AMILOPECTIN)                 1.1.2           AMYLOSE CHAIN                                                       1.1.3           STARCH GELATINIZATION                                               1.1.4           GELATINIZATION PROCESS                                   1.1.5           STARCH RETRO GRADATION                                1.2.0           SOURCES OF STARCH                                            1.2.1           CASSAVA STARCH (Manihot esculanta)                1.2.2           ORIGIN, TYPES AND COMPOSITION OF              CASSAVA STARCH                                                   1.2.3           ADVANTAGES OF CASSAVA STARCH                           TABLE 1.0 APPROXIMATE COMPOSITION OF THE                        CASSAVA TUBER[10]                                               Fig 2.0       TABLE                                                                          1.3.0           TYPES OF STARCH                                                  1.3.1           DEFINITION AND REASONS FOR STARCH                   MODIFICATION                                                          1.3.2                   STARCH MODIFICATION                                         1.4.0                   CROSS – LINK STARCH                                           1.4.1                   EFFECT OF CROSS-LINKING ON STARCH                   1.4.2                   USES OF CROSS-LINKED STARCH                      DERIVATIVES

TABLE   1.4.3                   FUNCTIONS OF CROSS-LINKED STARCH IN FOOD                                                     1.5.0                   CARBOXY METHYL STARCH                                  AIM AND OBJECTIVE                                                         SIGNIFICANT OF THE STUDY                                 LIMITATIONS OF THE STUDY                                 CHAPTER TWO    2.0             MATERIALS AND METHODS                                   2.1.0                   RAW MATERIALS USED                                           2.1.1                   EQUIPMENT USED                                                    2.1.2                   REAGENT USED                                                        2.2.0                   METHODS OF PRODUCTION OF                           CASSAVA STARCH                                                   2.2.1                   SORTIN/SELECTION                                                 2.2.2                   CLEANING/WASTING                                                         2.2.3                   PEELING/GRINDING                                                 2.2.4                   SIEVING/FILTRATION                                                         2.2.5                   DRYING/BLENDING                                                   2.3             CASSAVA STARCH PRODUCTION                        2.4.0                   PRODUCTION OF CROSS-LINKED                        DERIVATIVES 3.0              ANALYTICAL DETERMINATION AND RESULT    3.2.0           ANALYTICAL DETERMINATION OF MOISTURE CONTENT OF THE PRODUCT                                3.3.0           ANALYTICAL DETERMINATION OF PH OF THE PRODUCT                                                                             3.4.0           ANALYTICAL DETERMINATION OF ASH CONTENT                                                           3.5.0           ANALYTICAL DETERMINATION OF GELATINIZATION                                                       TEMPERATURE OF THE NATIVE STARCH                   CHAPTER THREE 3.6              RESULTS                                                                    CHAPTER FOUR CONCLUSION                                                                                DISCUSSION                                                                                  RECOMMENDATION                                                                    REFERENCES                                                                              

ABSTRACT The study looked into the production of starch from cassava and formulation of its cross-linked derivatives, various tests were carried out in the starch produced such as ash content, moisture content, pH value, and gelatinization temperature of the native starch produce which is higher than the cross-linked derivatives. This is as a result of reduced cohesion, rubbery elastic characteristics of starch paste to a smooth salve like and creamy past of the cross-link starch.


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